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New York Nightlife: Uber Comes Up With A List Of Destinations In New York To Go To For A Happening Night!

Night brings relaxation from work and most cultures around the world include nightlife as a viable means of recreation. New York, as we know it, is one of the busiest cities in the world. The life here must be quite happening in offices during the daytime.


But when night descends, the city attains a glorious spectacle in the form of its nightlife. The recent happenings in the New York nightlife would assist you in some or the other way. Scroll down for knowing more about the nightlife and what to do in the nights of New York.


  • Uber, one of the world’s leading on-demand taxi rental service providers, has surveyed the locations which New Yorkers preferred on the weekends.
  • This survey hints at a mild invasion of client privacy but is only an accessory to apprehend the nightlife in New York.
  • These destinations are not the ones preferred by Uber as the best clubs in the city.
  • On the contrary, these clubs are the ones which people travel to in Uber cabs.

Let’s See Where The People Ride Off To In Uber Cabs.

  • Up & Down located in the west village is the most preferred club on the list.
  • This place offers probabilities of running into Rihanna and Leo in wee hours of the morning.
  • The next club on the list is Lavo situated in Midtown.
  • You wouldn’t want to land up in Marquee- a club on number 7 in the list!
  • Though this place doesn’t house terrorists, you can be equally impacted by the hole which the bills at Marquee will make in your pocket.
  • The list is not an appropriate representation, and you can trust online research and sources to land up the most fitting nightclub to dance off your night.
  • The list has Brooklyn Bowl, Baby’s All Right and Output at 4, 5 and 6 positions respectively.
  • Finance honchos are barely supposed to take rental cars to these clubs. Hence, the Uber’s list cannot be exactly trusted.
  • The output is designed specifically for dance music, and thus, it witnesses club goers flocking the club in ample densities.
  • If money is not an issue then “Employees Only” can be a dream destination for night lifers.
  • “Employees Only” serves some of the amazing killer cocktails while you can enjoy the ambiance of a bar at The Wren in Bowery, which offers a comparatively soothing environment for a bar.

Nightlife in New York is not the accessory of Uber cabs. Feel free to go to one of the nightclubs described above and had a great time.